Research shows that while nearly half of us make New Year’s Resolutions, as few as 8% of us manage to stick to them. Signing up for a sporting challenge like the Deloitte RAB is a great resolution to create lasting good habits.

Here are our six top tips to help make your New Year’s Resolutions stick.

1. Get inspired

Whatever your motivation – weight loss, fundraising, fitness, recovery from an injury, a new experience – it is the key to your success. Write a vision board or have a post-it note on your fridge to motivate you every day. When things get tough, which they will, you need to be able to remember why you wanted to challenge yourself in the first place.


2. Choose a challenge

Focus on one challenge that’s achievable, inspiring and that stretches you. If it’s your first time, choose an event that is well organised and well supported. Think about the distance, how much training you’ll need to do and the route. Wide open spaces and stunning views can be a powerful propeller.


3. Training

Put together a realistic, achievable and sustainable training programme that is broken down month by month as you build up distance (or simply follow the training plan we give you). It needs to fit conveniently into your day like cycling to or from work. Your training won’t always go to plan, but at least you’ll have a plan to come back to. Build in success milestones along the way so that you can celebrate how far you’ve come.


4. Find a friend

Training with a friend will make it more fun or try training with a cycling club. You can share the highs and the lows and drive each other on.


5. Tell everyone

Let your friends and family know what you’re doing, so giving up is not an option.


6. Fundraise

Raising money for charity is a great motivator. And once people pledge money on your behalf, you’re really committed.


7. Enjoy it

Finally, this is a challenge but it’s meant to be a positive thing, so make the most of it and everything that you get out of it.


This year 93% of riders said it was one of the best experiences of their life. Whether an experienced long-distance cyclist or a novice looking for a life-changing challenge, you will ride 960 miles in nine days with complete support – training plans, signed routes, safety chaperones and briefings, delicious food, pit stops, mechanical and medical support, physio and massage therapists and a complete belief that more is in you to get to the finish line.


Don’t just take our word for it. Here are what some people said:


“Every year I set myself three challenges and this year one of them was Deloitte RAB. When I crossed the finish line with new friends I’d made that week I felt absolute elation.  The tears and hard work had all paid off! The atmosphere was unbelievable.  I have tingles down my spine just remembering it!” Lucy Heywood, Deloitte RAB 2015


“My advice to anyone contemplating Deloitte RAB – just go for it! With a bit of training, almost anyone is capable of riding – and enjoying it. It’s an amazing opportunity to take yourself out of your comfort zone, get fit, see the country and meet some great people.” Florence Ware, Deloitte RAB 2015


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